Monday, December 7, 2009

Identified - Marcella Bachmann: Washington State to Montana

The story of Marcella Bachmann is key to bring hope for all families fearing their lost member may be among the thousands of unidentified deceased in our country. Marcella Bachmann was one of those "runaways" who did not have a current record in NCIC. Current validated DNA technology at the time would not allow DNA analysis to produce enough markers to produce a viable DNA profile to be searched in the database. There was no hope for Marcella and her family for over two decades. The attached link tells the story of Marcella Bachmann's identification which was affected through the coopeation of dedicated law enforcement officers and the UNT Center for Human Identification, both of who exist only to serve their communities. It was a pleasure to work with Jessica Sachs for months on this major article to open doors for her to those inspiring individuals who made this first of its kind watershed case for human identification in the United States a possibility.

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